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CAN RELEASE | Friends Of Dorothy Pride IPA

May 7, 2022 12:00 pm - June 4, 2022 9:30 pm
Friends of Dorothy 2022 Label

7.3% abv Pride IPA

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re here for all, and today we’re proud to release a beer for all. Our team and our community are made up of a diverse group who come from different places, backgrounds, and experiences.

We do everything we can to celebrate the individual and to recognize that we’re all better together. As Pride is more than a month or a festival, we release Friends Of Dorothy throughout the year to celebrate beers for all and cheers with all, all year long.

– – –

Friends Of Dorothy is a beautifully bright 7.3% abv IPA. It’s dry-hopped with an eclectic mix of rotating hops to showcase flavors from around the world coming together as one.

The current batch blends fruity Citra and the prominent tropical notes provided by El Dorado hops. And most importantly: proceeds from sales of our Pride IPA benefit Richmond-based non-profit for all: Equality Virginia!

– – –

The additional stripes on the can label were added to our standard Pride imagery to highlight a greater inclusivity, with additional black & brown stripes at the top and blue, pink, and white stripes added to the bottom all representing members of our community.

We show pride in who we are. We have pride in what we brew. We take pride in all of you. And we’re proud to do our part to ensure that everyone can live like they’re Friends Of Dorothy with pride.