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CAN RELEASE | Hippie Radio Chai Tea Amber Ale

March 20 3:00 pm - March 24 9:00 pm
Hippie Radio Can Mockup

You don’t see many Amber Ales these days, and you definitely don’t see any blended with house made Chai Tea.

Brewed with a hefty dose of German Red X malt and touches of Naked Oats and Honey Malt, the base of this Amber Ale is enjoyably sweet with a beautiful rouge hue.

We then blended in 5 gallons of freshly brewed Chai Tea to add a layer of warming spices. The bold spiciness of ginger and strong sweetness of clove shine through in the nose…but the spices don’t overshadow the smooth blend of tea and malt that make this a trippy take on two of our favorite laid back beverages.