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DOUBLE RELEASE || We Can Pickle That! Pickle Sour Ale + Smiley Gose Sour Ale

November 2, 2021 3:00 pm - November 6, 2021 9:30 pm
We Can Pickle That! Can Layout

We Can Pickle That! 5.0% abv Pickle Sour Ale

Likely our team’s most discussed beer of all time, We Can Pickle That! is a 5.0% abv Gose blended with Pickle Juice.

A topic ardently debated across The Virginia Beer Company family, many of whom believe that you can pickle anything (and everything should be pickled). So when the idea of brewing a “pickle beer” finally made its way onto the production calendar, our age old question of “Can we pickle that?” was answered. Turns out: We Can Pickle That!

Think of this recipe like a Pickleback beer cocktail…a tart Gose brewed with a dash of Sea Salt, then finished with pure Pickle Juice. Somewhat salty, surprisingly refreshing, all coming together with a splash of sour.

Give it a whirl! If nothing else we can promise it goes down better than a briny mason jar of burned boxes or broken heels.

Smiley Gose 5.0% abv Gose-Style Sour Ale

This is the base recipe for We Can Pickle That! It contains no pickles.

We don’t just brew Goses with pickles. We also have Smiley Goses. What’s a Smiley Gose? A Gose with no pickles whatsoever.

In fact it’s an easy-drinking, 5.0% traditional Gose with a touch of refreshing Sea Salt. Nice and tart and absolutely no pickles.

Try it side by side with We Can Pickle That! And if you you think it’s too boring, next time we brew it we’ll put a bird on the label.