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SpeedQuizzing Live: Virtual Trivia Night!

April 23, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Play SpeedQuizzing Trivia Online

SpeedQuizzing Trivia Nights Are BACK… with a Twist! Due to Social Distancing, you will be able to play SpeedQuizzing Trivia while laying on your couch!

A few things you should know (And you should 100% read all of this)

1. Download ‘SpeedQuizzing – Live’ to your Apple devices via the App Store or Google Play.

3. It’s absolutely recommended that you use two devices or phone/laptop to see and hear me (Zoom app) and play (SQLive app) to get the full experience. That being the case, if you only have your android device to play, you can use it for the Zoom meeting allowing the audio to play in the background whilst you play via the SQLIVE app. You just won’t be able to see me or all the cool graphics that I worked so hard on.

4. After you’ve checked all that out and gotten yourself situated, I will provide link for the zoom meeting no later than 6:00PM. I’ll be in the meeting by 6:30PM the latest, aiming to start the game around 7:00PM.

5. Upon entering the meeting your mic will be muted and will stay that way, feel free to communicate via the chat screen in the zoom meeting to contact me or ask questions.

6. This will be a free game to play and will last less than an hour with breaks included. If you wish to send me tips for the entertainment, I’ll display my Venmo and site.

7. Prizes will be donated by The Virginia Beer Company for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Placed Teams

1st – $15 gift VBC gift card
2nd – $10 gift VBC gift card
3rd – $5 gift VBC gift card

7. Thank you all and please share with your friends. We’re all in this together.