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Barrel Fermentation IV beer artwork

Barrel Fermentation I

2017 Golden Brett Saison fermented for five months in 2009 Hungarian oak red wine barrels provided by The Williamsburg Winery!

Barrel Fermentation I is the first release in a series of uniquely barrel-fermented recipes.

This golden Saison is the result of an exclusively rustic primary fermentation – skipping the stainless steel vessels in favor of fermenting for five months in 2009 Hungarian oak red wine barrels!

Upon transfer from the kettle, four known yeast strains were then added directly to the barrels: a traditional Saison; a “wild” Belgian strain of Saccharomyces; and two strains of Brettanomyces (one Belgian + one Virginian).

Exceptionally dry while retaining a full body thanks to the additions of flaked oats and malted spelt. Nelson Sauvin hops lend a white wine character that balances well with the mild Brett fruity funkiness and oak.

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