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United Kingdom

Since 2018 we have joined the Virginia Department of Agriculture for trade missions in London, with attendance at the 2018 & 2019 Craft Beer Rising festival and the 2020 & 2021 BrewLdn festival. In addition we regularly provide beer for the Great British Beer Festival.

While we are researching full-time stockists in the UK, we are partnering with Beer52 on their at-home subscription services. If you missed Beer52’s Virginia-themed delivery or 2020 Advent Box, look out for additional UK drops from Virginia Beer Co. (named Beer52’s US Champion Brewery of 2020) coming to the UK market soon. Cheers!


We have been flirting with Brothers Loving Beer for quite some time…and in 2020 we finally crossed the Atlantic and began sending cans, bottles, and draft beer directly to new friends throughout France! In 2021 we also teamed up with the Brewers Association's Ma Bière Américaine initiative to promote American craft beer in Paris and throughout The Republic.

You can learn more about our beers in France here, and from our virtual appearance at Confinement Bière Festival #1. Santé!


Netherlands + Western Europe

We put a great deal of pride into quality control and as such, we have been working closely with the Commonwealth of Virginia to pursue export opportunities to share beers & cheers worldwide. We are now teaming with USA Beer to export our beers to Western Europe. You can regularly find our cans & bottles (and limited draft) in the Netherlands, as well as select availability in Belgium, Spain, and Portugal.

Learn more about VBC in the EU by clicking here. Proost!


Since 2019, we have been proud to partner with Cardinal Trading to export our kegs, cans, and limited bottle offerings to Japan! Centralized from Tokyo, you can regularly find our brews throughout many cities in Japan. In addition, we have regular attendance at the Brewers Association's American Craft Beer Experience in Tokyo.

Learn more about our ventures in Japan here and join us for a craft beer Chūhai party next time we're in Tokyo. 乾杯! 

South Korea

We are excited to announce a new partnership with High Five L&B that brings beers & cheers from Williamsburg, Virginia to South Korea starting in Spring 2021.

Look for a Cellar Circus shoutout in the June edition of GQ Korea! 건배!

Brewers Association Export Development Program

In addition to working with import partners across the world, we are members of the Brewers Association Export Development Program. As members of the BA's EDP, we are able to showcase American craft beer at trade shows and festivals on almost every continent that will have us. Keep an eye out for more beers & cheers in your corner of the world!