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Long Weekend Ahoy! Food Trucks. Live Music. New Beers. Bonus Hours.

A force for good

The Virginia Beer Company was founded with the intention of being a force for good in the form of a brewery. Active philanthropy is at the heart of our business and we strive to support & build up the community in which we live, brew, and play on a daily basis.

Here For Good

Whether it be the events we host, the beers we brew or getting involved in our personal lives, our team and our brewery strive to be a positive part of our community here in Virginia and in communities throughout the world.

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Some of our community partners include…

As we grow, we look to build long-lasting relationships with our non-profit partners and support philanthropic causes to raise awareness and much-needed resources for those who do so much for so many.

Drink Good Beer. Do Good Things. 



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