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2021 Social Club Registration is now closed!

Let's look ahead to 2021! It has to be better than 2020, right? Well we sure hope so. But we'd be lying if we said we knew for sure. Because there is some uncertainty about what taproom operations and safety protocols will be in place starting in January and throughout next year, we've changed the makeup of our 2021 Social Club accordingly.

Keepin' the beers & cheers flowin'

To better accommodate a Social Club in the time of social distancing, we've crafted the 2021 Full-Time Friends program to let our inner-circle focus on sharing oversized cheers with your own inner-circles. We can't promise group events. And we don't want to pretend that another curbside stint isn't possible. But we can promise we'll do everything we can in 2021 to keep the beers & cheers flowing.

With that in mind, our focus to start will be on the things that you can almost always enjoy -- upsized pours, discounted draft, specials on to-go options, online coupons, and VIP access to specialty releases. Every membership will also come with a brand new 2021 FTF glass!

social distant social club

As the year progresses we hope to add some a la carte FTF exclusive merch like t-shirts, button downs, and hats. And if things get back to normal, we'll figure out some old school FTF parties too! But to start -- we'd rather everyone not worry about the cost of the investment and whether they'll miss out on the bonus benefits if things don't get better sooner than later.

The oversized beers & cheers must go on! But since 2021 will likely involve some level of separation for everyone's safety, we're rethinking our Full-Time Friends membership to be a Social Club in the time of social distancing.

VIP Perks

For 2021, our Full-Time Friends Social Club will be focused on safely sharing rounds with your circles. And as part of our inner circle, you'll be eligible for daily discounts and VIP perks including:

  • Upsize 16 oz. pints to 20 oz. pours in the taproom EVERY DAY (exceptions when beers are served in 13 oz. pours, already served in 20 oz. pours, or when plastic cups are in use)
  • 10% off full pours of beers not eligible for upsizing (13 oz. pours, 20 oz. pours, and beers served in plastic cups)
  • 20% off Growler fills and Crowler fills EVERY DAY
  • 20% off all VBC merchandise
  • 10% off canned & bottled beer EVERY DAY
  • 10% off 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl keg purchases
  • Discount Code for online orders EVERY DAY
  • Early Access to select specialty releases (including Full-Time Friends exclusive taps)
  • 2021 Full-Time Friends Exclusive glass
  • Access to Full-Time Friends Exclusive merchandise

* Invitations to Full-Time Friends exclusive events and VIP brewery access (if conditions allow for group activities during the year), and the FTF Facebook Group

Beers & Cheers

As a thank you to our 2020 Full-Time Friends, 2021 Social Club membership renewals are $25 off! Our beers are only as good as the people with whom we share them, and you've been there to share them with us by curbside, from six feet apart, and in spirit throughout a trying year.

New Annual Memberships: $75/person

2021 Full-Time Friends enrollment begins on 11-27-2020 at 11 am. Enrollment ends on 12-31-2020 at Midnight. 2021 Social Club membership benefits begin when the brewery opens for beers & cheers on 1-1-2021.
We appreciate your full-time friendship and truly hope it will continue in 2021 and beyond. We look forward to sharing oversized beers & cheers with you soon!