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— 2023 Full-Time Friends memberships are now CLOSED —

Enrollment for 2024 Social Club Memberships will open 11/24/2023.

Our beers are only as good as the people with whom we share them. We are especially grateful for all of you, and your support of our team and small business. We always say it, but our Social Club is the lifeblood of our this brewery and we truly enjoy every oversized pint shared with our inner-circle.

Per tradition, open enrollment for next year's Social Club begins the day after Thanksgiving. Scroll down to learn more about joining the 2023 Full-Time Friends Social Club:

Bonus Beers & Cheers

Since 2017, we've offered the Full-Time Friends program to ensure that our inner-circle can comfortably share oversized cheers with your inner-circles. In addition to oversized beers & cheers, in 2023 we'll be offering access to select recipes and VIP experience opportunities, available exclusively for members of our Social Club.

Plus enjoy daily benefits that can always be enjoyed -- upsized pours, discounted merch, specials on takeaway beer, online coupons, and First Looks for specialty releases. Every membership will also come with a brand new 2023 FTF glass and personalized FTF bottle opener!

More Than A Mug Club

In addition to oversized pints, daily discounts, and first 2023 we'll also be adding access to at least one FTF Exclusive Can Release and access to some throwback VIP Experiences for FTF's as well!

Our goal is to keep the Full-Time Friends Social Club affordable, approachable, and fun...and in 2023 our team will be collaborating to again offer some additional a la carte experiences (as done in Social Clubs of yore) for those who are interested in even more behind-the-scenes benefits at VBC.

Scroll down for membership info regarding the 2023 Full-Time Friends Social Club:

FTF Perks

As part of our inner-circle, you'll be eligible for daily discounts and VIP access including:

  • Upsize 16 oz. pints to 20 oz. pours in the taproom EVERY DAY (exceptions when beers are served in 13 oz. pours, already served in 20 oz. pours, or when plastic cups are in use)
  • 10% off full pours of beers not eligible for upsizing (13 oz. pours, 20 oz. pours, and beers served in plastic cups)
  • 20% off Growler fills and Crowler fills EVERY DAY
  • 20% off all VBC merchandise
  • 10% off canned & bottled beer EVERY DAY
  • 10% off 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl keg purchases
  • Discount Code for online orders EVERY DAY
  • "First Look" access to Specialty Releases + FTF Exclusive Taps
  •  2023 Full-Time Friends Exclusive Glass & Personalized Bottle Opener
  • Access to a 2023 Full-Time Friends Exclusive Can Release (style selected by Social Club members)
  • Access to Full-Time Friends Exclusive Social Club Merch & VIP Events

* Plus: access to the FTF-Only Private Facebook Group and subscription to the FTF Insider Newsletter to get early notice about everything going on at VBC

Looking Ahead

As a thank you to our 2022 Full-Time Friends, 2023 Social Club membership renewals are $25 off! As we say as often as we can, our beers are only as good as the people with whom we share them, and you've been there to share them with us by curbside, from six feet apart, in spirit, and in person throughout it all.

  • New Annual Memberships: $125/person
  • Renewing Memberships: $100/person

Memberships are enrolled on a per person basis, and you simply need to mention that you're a member of our Social Club when you visit throughout the year to unlock benefits!

  • 2023 Full-Time Friends enrollment begins on 11-25-2022 at 11 am.
  • Enrollment ends on 12-31-2022 at Midnight.
  • 2023 Social Club membership benefits begin when the brewery opens for beers & cheers on 1-1-2023!

- If purchasing online, VBC will reply to purchaser's email address within 48 hours to confirm membership details.

- If the membership is being purchased online as a gift, you can note this when we reply to the confirmation email. We can provide a gift image as well!

- The 2023 introduction email will go out on 12/31/2022 ahead of the first day of Social Club benefits (an FYI so those giving memberships as a gift know in advance).

Membership Questions? Check out our FAQ Page!

And you can always end us an email at [email protected], give us a call (757.378.2903), or ask in person the next time you visit!

We appreciate your full-time friendship and truly hope it will continue in 2023 and beyond. We look forward to sharing oversized beers & cheers with you soon!