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Be Kind Gelato Label

Be Kind: Gelato

Gelato Terpene-Infused Hazy IPA

You’ve heard us say Be Excellent To Each Other, but today we’re saying Be Kind! The codename of a brand new Terpene-infused India Pale Ale series, we’re stoked to release Be Kind: Gelato.

Inspired by the famous Gelato strain, the terpene blend (from our friends at Abstrax Tech in California) selected for this Hazy IPA recipes adds essence of berries & cream, with uplifting effects on the flavour profiles of this entry into the Be Kind series.

In fact, the Gelato Terpene blend heightens the subtle dank notes of Mosaic and the gentle fruit-forward hues added by Ariana hops. A cool and calming infusion that intertwines itself into a soft, sippable Hazy IPA.

This small batch concoction is the second can release in an experimental line of dank India Pale Ale recipes brewed with the flavours of our favourite strains imparted from organic Terpene blends (a water-soluble complex created from essential oils of plants). #BeKind

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