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Cellar Circus // Blend No. 001 beer artwork

Cellar Circus // Blend No. 001

Aged Brett Farmhouse Ale blended and fermented in Red & White Wine Oak Barrels

Brett Farmhouse Ale, Blend No. 001:
– Brewed in Nov. 2017.
– Bottle-Conditioned since Jul. 2018.
– Naturally carbonated.
– Liquid from more White than Red barrels.
– 3 yeast blends.
– Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Styrian Golding.
– Tasting Notes: Stone fruit, clean & dry, and Saison spice.
– Ready to enjoy now, fit to cellar for later.

The Cellar Circus is a new oak barrel-fermented permutation series. This is a thoughtful experiment in Brett Farmhouse Ale recipes fermented directly in 11 Red and 11 White Wine Oak Barrels with a fusion of Saison yeast and Brettanomyces.

Blending from unique, individual red and white wine barrels creates a litany of flavors amplified by almost a year spent fermenting directly in wood. Sweetness from the oak barrels is immediately followed by aromatics produced by the estery qualities of a Saison and delicate use of a variety of hops. Upon further investigation, the character instilled by the use of Brettanomyces during fermentation produces a complementary fruit-forward aftertaste with a clean, dry finish.

These will be the launch of an ongoing exploration of the infinite number of permutations possible as a result of purposeful, experimental barrel-fermentation and blending. We hope you’ll enjoy peaking behind the curtain to learn about the juggling act of brewing with wild yeast and the many permutations of blending as much as our team has.

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