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Waypost 2021 CC

Cherry Cordial Waypost

Cherry Brandy Barrel-Aged Anniversary Imperial Stout with Cacao Nibs

Cherry Cordial Waypost is a Cherry Brandy Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout aged with Cacao Nibs.

Designed to emulate a chocolate-covered cherry, the result of our patience is a 10.4% abv Imperial Stout with a smooth, rich body. A dark base blending hefty amounts of Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, and Midnight Wheat creates a robust, jet black beer softened with additions of Flaked Oats.

Cherry Brandy Barrels provide our annual Anniversary Stout recipe with prominent flavors of candied fruit. Additions of Cacao Nibs create a creamy, pleasing finish made up of semi-sweet chocolate notes, helping to balance the soft cherry flavors imparted from extended barrel-aging.

Available for a limited time starting in March 2021 to celebrate The Virginia Beer Company’s 5 Year Anniversary.


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