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Spiced Baltic Winter Label

Chocolate, Vanilla, & Cinnamon Baltic Winter

Dessert Baltic Porter Collaboration with Ross Brewing Co.

There is no better welcome for the weary traveler than a beaming smile, an open door, and a full glass. To celebrate warm welcomes near & far, we have teamed up with the crew from Ross Brewing Co. to release a “home & home” series of Winter-themed Porters.

Baltic Winter is the epitome of the recipe you concoct in your mind when dreaming of a dark and sippable Baltic Porter. Cold-fermented with a robust 8.0% abv fit for warming during the colder months, this recipe is worth the trip and the wait. Notes of roasted coffee and candied figs, with a hefty malt backone and a clean Lager-like finish.

This limited variant of Baltic Winter is finished with Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla Beans, and Cacao Nibs. The perfect dessert to drink as the fire gets stoked for a second round of fresh pours and fruitful conversation.

Raise a round to and with friends, new and old alike, and enjoy this small batch collaboration wherever you welcome your favorites for a round…whether here in Virginia or over the river and through the woods around Ross Brewing Co.’s home in New Jersey.

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