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Cool Inside Label

Cool Inside

Rustic Virginia Corn Lager

Cool Inside started as a cellar-Keller and turned into our first-ever small batch Heritage Corn Lager brewed with Virginia-grown malt & corn.

This Virginia Corn Lager was created with 100% Murphy & Rude Virginia-grown Pilsner Malt and Bloody Butcher Corn. Smooth, clear, & sweet, with a pleasingly dry finish.

Early additions of Columbus hops – later layered with Adeena – and a whirlpool of Hallertau Mittelfrüh combine for a bouquet of rustic, woody aromatics.

Enjoy this refreshing preview before the rest of this Rustic Lager recipe is canned to cool attendees at the JamPacked Craft Beer & Music Festival on 8/12/2023 at Brown’s Island in Richmond!

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