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Czech 10°

Decocted Czech Pale Lager

The Oxford Companion of Beer defines Decoction mashing as:

A traditional and intensive method of mashing. While the method was once used by most breweries, today decoction is a controversial topic among brewers. Many brewers claim that it develops malt character, depth, and superior foam. Others feel that it is a waste of energy and time, and is unnecessary now that modern well-modified malts are available to everyone.

Our Brewmaster describes Decoction mashing as a pain-staking labor of love, requiring almost twice the time (12 hours vs. the normal 8) and twice the brewers to produce the same amount of beer as the modern approach.

The basic principle of decoction is to remove a part of the mash, boil it, and return it to the main mash, which is held at a constant temperature. The boiling of the grains helps to destroy the cell walls and makes the starches more accessible to the malt enzymes.

True to the technique, Czech 10° is a traditional (and we mean traditional) Czech-Style Pale Lager brewed using the above described decoction mash technique (ie, …a step mash that is performed by removing a portion of the mash, boiling it and returning it to the main mash…).

Brewed with Czech Pilsner malt, straying from traditional Pilsner flavors with a focus on the depth of the grain used in the step mash. Add in 100% Saaz hops for a light & nuanced profile that showcases a bright head, floral nose, and warming notes of toasted breadcrumbs.

Clean, clear, crisp…and superbly easy to enjoy. Worth the effort, worth the wait…and worthy of another round.

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