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Divine Twins Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter

A robust and rich Baltic Porter, Divine Twins takes its name from the mythos of the Baltic divine twins. These twin deities were believed to ferry the sun in a chariot across the sky by day, resting by night.

In accordance, this recipe produces a full-bodied beer that is dark as the evening sky, but pleasingly warms as it is enjoyed.

In keeping with the tradition of the twins, a portion of this Baltic Porter was transferred into Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels for aging. Upon emerging from its slumber, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Divine Twins produces hearty notes of vanilla and brown sugar finishing with a subtle bite.

These two sibling offerings will be tapped together (along with an extremely limited variant of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Divine Twins infused with Vanilla Beans) as a celebration of light and dark during this time of changing seasons.

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