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Fool's Errand beer artwork

Fool’s Errand

English-Style Barleywine

Our first-ever Barleywine available in cans is a study in concentrated British malt character. In fact our brewers used so much malt in this small scale 5bbl batch that they had to use our 35bbl mash tun because it wouldn’t come close to fitting in our 5bbl mash tun. The wort for this recipe was boiled for four hours (instead of the typical 60 minutes) to concentrate the malt flavor and add some prominent kettle caramelization character.

An autumnal reddish hue with flavors of figgy pudding, plums, and burnt caramel. Just enough hops to balance all that malt to keep it from being too sweet. And a warming finish from a sturdy 11% abv that makes all that effort (and all that malt) worth the wait for this modern take on a traditional style.

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