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Hop Pocket Beer Label

Hop Pocket VBC Brand IPA

Premium India Pale Ale

Irresistibly Hoppy — Hop Pocket is packed full of delicious hop flavors, including varieties like:

  • Simcoe (Dry-Hop & Whirlpool),
  • Nelson (Dry-Hop),
  • and Amarillo (Whirlpool).

This Hazy IPA is available in conveniently packaged 16 oz. serving sizes, perfect for any occasion. Whether ready for a pour and it’s not a big deal, you’re part of a thirsty bunch, or it’s late at night and you want to take a sip…what are you gonna pick? Hop Pocket! 

Bursting forth with a soft, mild haze — fruit forward with hints of ripe mango — dollops of swirling dank drops — and an almost effervescent finish: Every Sip is a Different Hop!

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