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Hops Attack! Label

Hops Attack!

Wet-Hopped India Pale Ale

ACK! The Hops have landed, featuring an invasion of:

— Wet Cryo Citra Hops [Whirlpool, Dry Hop]

— Wet Cryo Mosaic Hops [Whirlpool]

— Citra [Dry Hop]

— Mosaic [Dry Hop]

This wet-hopped recipe features experimental fresh whole cone Citra – and – Mosaic Cryo Hops, flash frozen at their peak of potency then flown in from Yakima Chief Hops just in time for brew day.

An absolute takeover of fresh hop aromas wafting from each pour; followed by an army of juicy, sweet fruit flavours and soft dank notes swirling in a full-bodied haze bomb.

Surrender your palates and drink in peace.

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