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My Friend, My Friend 2022 Label

My Friend, My Friend

A Simple India Pale Ale collab with Ocelot Brewing Co.

The best kind of beer is the kind shared with friends…and it just so happens that we love brewing up this particular recipe with our friends from Ocelot Brewing Company!

Originally developed with Ocelot’s house yeast strain, additions of Citra and Centennial hops (including whole leaf Centennial) pair to create an unbelievably flavorful yet drinkable India Pale Ale.

First brewed in celebration of Phish’s return to The Mothership in Hampton back in October 2018, we bring this one back for an occasional encore (especially when The Last Rewind brings sets of Vermont’s finest from DC).

Follow our lead and make plans to share a few rounds with your friends, both near(-ish) and far! #HesGotABeer

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