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3% ABV Hazy India Pale Ale

Next Point Wins

3% abv Hazy India Pale Ale

Game on, we say — which is why we brewed Next Point Wins, a brand new 3% ABV Hazy India Pale Ale.

One of our first uses of Sitiva — a new hop blend bursting with ripe stone fruit, sweet floral, and soft peach flavours & aromas.

Featuring a bounteous dry-hop of Sitiva that gives this recipe a citrus-forward and tropical essence. Additions of Flaked Oats & Golden Naked Oats add a mellow, fluffy, hazy body to a flavorful recipe that doesn’t let up on our love of lupulin.

As our Brewmaster put it: all the hops and haze you could want in a tidy little 3% ABV package. And the perfect beer with which to keep the game going no matter which side of the ball you find yourself on.

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