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Requiem for a Tuesday beer artwork

Requiem for a Tuesday

American Pale Ale

Virginia Beer Co. Presents: “Requiem for a Tuesday”

The latest recipe from brewer Brad Adams (aka, “The Architect”), Requiem for a Tuesday is a Hoppy Pale Ale brewed with Styrian Wolf & Taiheke hops.

If this recipe was a song? 5000 Strawberries in the Wind. Two Picnics Holdings Hands. Menace Ball.

Styrian Wolf hops are best described as bursting with notes of ripened strawberries. Pair with grassy notes from Taiheke, and you have yourself a field of fresh summertime flavors here to warm palates in the midst of Ice Town.

That’s the whole thing. That’s three weeks of work. In our heads it’s really, really cool. And we’d even go so far as to email our loved ones and compare it to Avatar.

Avoid regret and shame and grab a 4-pack soon, because this small batch release will last about as long as Brad’s career at Tilton & Radomski.


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