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Petite Saison beer artwork

Rye + [Redacted]

New World Saison

Temperatures begin to drop. The children return to school. The colors of the leaves begin to turn. As late summer slowly looks to early fall, we seek a beer to bridge the transition between seasons.

Rye + [Redacted] blends the best of both. A light, crisp Pilsner base blended with a touch of spicy rye. Citrusy notes blend with the estery flavors of a tradional Farmhouse Ale. This Saison is equal parts refreshing and warming, a recipe offering the feel of summer and the soul of autumn.

Saison Tournante: Brewed with a traditional Belgian Saison yeast that produces its spicy & estery base, Virginia Beer Co.’s Saison series features a myriad of new ingredients that explore a New World take on an Old World style.

2016 Virginia Craft Brewers Cup winner: Silver, Belgian Blond and Saison category.

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