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Tongue Twister 2021 Label

Tongue Twister

Imperial Fruited Sour brewed with Apricots & Peaches

We have a few connoisseurs of fine gummy candy here at 401 Second Street (just ask our friends at the Wythe Candy & Gourmet Shop who among us buys in bulk), so when the idea for a new fruited sour came about we decided to base it on some of our favorite sweet & sour snacks.

Tongue Twister is an Imperial Fruited Sour brewed with Apricots & Peaches! An 8% can of liquid gummy candy, bursting with a pop of pucker and following with a sweet, smooth finish.

Not supposed to be in the candy jar? Your face may give you away if you get your hands on this one without permission! Luckily we have plenty of 4-packs to go around…and they’re now available (by the case too, for those who like to buy in bulk).

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