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Waypost Neat (2023) Label

Waypost Neat (2023)

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Anniversary Milk Stout

2023 Waypost Imperial Anniversary Milk Stout aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels

~Noun. Waypost (plural wayposts): A sign or other marker that indicates the way along a road or trail.

…and fittingly, it marks another year for our journey here at 401 Second Street. Waypost is an annual anniversary release, ever maturing in select spirits barrels throughout the year to help us commemorate the brewery’s anniversary on March 26th.

This year’s base Waypost recipe is a rich & luscious Imperial Milk Stout. Waypost Neat (2023) was aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels, providing a warming and decadent finish to beer that was already worth celebrating in it’s own right.



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