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We Can Pickle That! Label

We Can Pickle That!

Sour Ale with Pickle Juice

Likely our team’s most discussed beer of all time, We Can Pickle That! is a 5.0% abv Gose blended with Pickle Juice.

A topic ardently debated across The Virginia Beer Company family, many of whom believe that you can pickle anything (and everything should be pickled). So when the idea of brewing a “pickle beer” finally made its way onto the production calendar, our age old question of “Can we pickle that?” was answered. Turns out: We Can Pickle That! 

Think of this recipe like a Pickleback beer cocktail…a tart Gose brewed with a dash of Sea Salt, then finished with pure Pickle Juice. Somewhat salty, surprisingly refreshing, all coming together with a splash of sour.

Give it a whirl! If nothing else we can promise it goes down better than a briny mason jar of burned boxes or broken heels.

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