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Welcome Home beer artwork

Welcome Home

Experimental India Pale Ale

TRI2304CR. What?

TRI2304CR is an experimental Hop Blend, not yet widely available for the brewing world but currently in trial phases from Yakima Chief Hops. And luckily for us, our friends at YCH have provided us with a few pounds of this test blend of hoppy goodness to sample for ourselves. So we figured who better to help us test this limited blend than our Full-Time Friends!

Welcome Home is designed around this proprietary blend of hops designed to maximize the effects of biotransformation during mid-fermentation dry-hopping. YCH refers to it as their “Bio-T” blend for short. Certain yeasts have an ability to digest certain compounds present in certain hops, and in so doing create even more desirable aromatic compounds.

In short, if the right combinations are used correctly we end up with a more powerful hop bomb than ever before (maximizing aroma and juiciness)! With a backbone of Flaked Wheat, this is our first-ever “Bio-T” India Pale Ale — complex, full-bodied, and bursting with an explosion of blended hop flavors.


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