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Wet-Hopped Free Verse Label

Wet-Hopped Free Verse

Wet-Hopped India Pale Ale

A wet-hopped variant of our flagship Free Verse India Pale Ale!

Wet-Hopped Free Verse is founded on the recipe that helped build our brewery…free flowing use of fruity Azacca and piney Chinook hops, with a first-ever addition of whole cone wet Azacca hops.

This Free Verse variant is laced with layers of lupulin love celebrating the foundation of what makes Free Verse Free Verse (aka, “hop juice”)!

Rather than hazy and tropical like its namesake, profuse use of wet hops turns this variant into a small batch celebration of pure Azacca — featuring prose of fresh-cut grass, hints of soft pine, and a smooth & sweet finish.


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