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CAN RELEASE | No Ragrets Imperial Fruited Sour

April 7 12:00 pm - April 11 9:00 pm
No Ragrets 3.0 Can Mockup

The FOURTH release in our No Ragrets Imperial Smoothie Sour Series!

No Ragrets 4.0: Imperial Sour Ale brewed with Pomegranate, Cranberry, Lemon, Milk Sugar, and Vanilla!

Celebrating the brewery’s 8th Freeversary celebration, Scottie P. style! Glowing pink like a fine gas station rosé with notes of mom’s cranberry sauce, dad’s Lemon Bars, and junior’s questionable decisions. Aggressively sweet and smooth, with a touch of tart. Like a tattooed kid on a motorcycle, no helmet, riding straight into your palate. You know what I’m sayin’?

At 10.2% abv, this Super Smoothie Sour is a liquid credo that pairs well with pancakes, waffles, cobras, terrifying death traps, and cool tats.