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Long Weekend Ahoy! Food Trucks. Live Music. New Beers. Bonus Hours.

CAN RELEASE | Pizza Hawk Triple IPA

April 5 12:00 pm - April 10 9:00 pm
Pizza Hawk Label

Our hearts (and pizzas) soar with the Hawk’s nest. Pizza Hawk’s nest, to be specific.

We love nature. We love pizza. And when we spotted a red-tailed hawk flying off with (delivering?) a slice of pizza, needless to say we were inspired.

…inspired to brew an equally awe-inspiring Hazy Triple IPA! Pizza Hawk embodies the unstoppable unflappability of nature and the immovable manner in which pizza brings all the joy.

Brewed with Nelson CGX™ Cryogenic Lupulin Pellets, then dry-hopped with Nectaron, Nelson, AND Citra. If hops were pizza toppings, these would be the extra cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, & bacon of the humulus family.

It’s hazy. It’s bold. It’s fruity. It’s fantastic. Grab a 4-pack (and hold on tight).

Pizza Hawk Logo

No One OutPizzas the Hawk.