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The Matt Chambers Retirement Party!

April 8, 2023 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Matt Chambers Retirement Party Poster

It’s an honor and privilege to preside over the retirement ceremony of our main man on the mic, and to be here on this special day with Matt and his wonderful family.

You might know him as DJ SGT Spinz…

You might know him as SpeedQuizzing VA / aka, The Trivia Guy…

You might know him as Squared Away Entertainment

You might know his as that cool dude who drops a dope beat at the Delis every now & again…

And you definitely know him as the most electrifying man in local entertainment: Matt Chambers!

Matt is officially retiring from 20 YEARS OF SERVICE in the Armed Forces. We thank Matt for his service…and for being one of the community’s most dedicated emcees!

To celebrate Matt’s next step, we’re hosting his crew on Saturday, 4/8 from 4-7 pm. Special surprises including the return of Matchsticks BBQ Co. and LIVE MUSIC by the Red Stapler Duo!

Make sure to raise a round (and buy him a few while you’re at it!) to Matt Chambers and 20 years on 4/8/2023!

Matt Chambers Retirement Party Poster 2