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Site Plan Submission!

Earlier this week I shared a bit about the history of 401 Second Street. Now for a sneak peek at the future of the property! We’ve officially submitted a site plan to York County in order to receive approval for changes that we want to make to the property. While we cannot share the detailed site plan, below is the original schematic drawing that was completed by our architect, John Hopke of Hopke & Associates, to inform the civil engineer of the intended changes to the property. Some changes have been made since the schematic was completed, but it gives a general idea of what will be changing.

The entire property is going to be refurbished. The parking lot will be repaved, new plantings will be added, and new lighting will be installed. We will be constructing a new concrete pad at the rear of the building to hold our glycol chiller, and we will also be preparing an area for the future installation of grain silos. Most notably, we are making changes to the front of the building that will completely redefine the property.

The section of the property fronting Second Street currently has two entrances and a small parking area directly in front of the building. We will be closing the entrance closer to the Merrimac Trail stoplight and turning the small parking area in front of the building into a 1,400 square foot patio and beer garden. We are even incorporating a food truck pull-in so our customers don’t have to leave the patio when hungry! We are incredibly excited to be adding badly-needed outdoor drinking and dining space for all of our future customers!

We met with York County in mid-February for a site plan pre-approval meeting. We are hoping that the feedback received from that meeting and incorporated into the finalized site plan will reduce the approval time from six weeks to four weeks. The sooner we are approved, the sooner our site contractor can begin work at 401 Second Street!