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Long Weekend Ahoy! Food Trucks. Live Music. New Beers. Bonus Hours.

Supporting Community from Curbside

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we are partnering with the amazing people from Williamsburg House of Mercy on an ongoing goods and food drive! We recently donated some “thank you” beer to their team as a small token of our appreciation for all they are doing for Williamsburg families. After learning more about their role in supporting those most in need during the pandemic from our friends at the Williamsburg Community Foundation, we realized we could do more to provide support and the idea of a goods/food drive was born.


Bring any amount of the below list of food and goods to us here at 401 Second Street during our curbside grab & go hours and we will give you a coupon for 10% off your next purchase of 6-packs of any of our four Year Round recipes.

  • Shelf Stable Foods, including:

    • Canned Protein (tuna, chicken, anything with meat)

    • Canned Vegetables

    • Canned Beans

    • Canned Soup

    • Mac & Cheese

    • Peanut Butter

    • Jelly

    • Pasta

    • Tomato products (spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes)

    • Canned Fruit

    • Cereal

    • Rice

    • Canned Potatoes

    • Juice Boxes

    • Crackers

  • Home Goods, including:

    • Diapers

    • Wipes

    • Feminine Hygiene products

    • Incontinence supplies

    • Cleaning products

The Williamsburg House of Mercy has already given out more than 20,000 donations of just the home goods listed above! This is an ongoing campaign as we all come together to ensure those doing their part to support our community can continue doing so as long as necessary. We’re all about beer for good and we want to make sure that we are all here for good. If you can spare some of these items, the least we can do is thank you too with some discounted beers & cheers.

More information about the Williamsburg House of Mercy can be found below (including how to donate goods, food, and money directly):

Our curbside hours are listed here:


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