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Full-Time Friends FAQ

The Virginia Beer Co.’s Full-Time Friends:

More Than a Mug Club

— 2024 Membership Update —

Question: Will there be a 2024 Full-Time Friends Social Club?



2024 FTF Social Club Registration is CLOSED.

2025 Social Club open enrollment will be available starting on Black Friday ’24 through New Year’s Day ’25.

2024 Membership Details

Interested in becoming a part of the Virginia Beer Co.’s 2024 Full-Time Friends Social Club? Join our inner-circle:

Where are the benefits of becoming one of Virginia Beer Co.’s Full-Time Friends? 

Membership into an exclusive group of beer lovers who get:

  • upsized beers and daily discounts,
  • early access to select beer releases,
  • Social Club swag,
  • access to bonus FTF-exclusive beer, merch, & events,
  • …and a full year of insider info on beers & cheers!

A full list of 2024 FTF Social Club benefits can also be reviewed below:

FTF '24 Details

Where do I purchase a Full-Time Friends membership?

Memberships are available for sale in the Taproom and online from 11/24/2023 through 12/31/2023.

When do the benefits begin and end?

Purchasing a Full-Time Friends membership entitles you to benefits beginning on the first day the Brewery opens in 2024 (January 1st) – lasting for a full year, through December 31, 2024.

Who can receive these benefits?

The benefits are for you, the member, but not eligible to be used by anyone else.

Can I use my FTF glass at the brewery?

An exclusive Full-Time Friends glass will be given to each member early in 2024. That is for your use to better enjoy beers & cheers at home!

We’ll also have 20 oz. Full-Time Friends nonic pints available for you to use at the brewery, so you can show off your status while enjoying your oversized pours…much to the awe of those around you.

Why are beers poured in 13 oz. or 20 oz. glasses excluded from the up-sizing benefit?

Safe, responsible consumption is extremely important to us! Beers above 8% ABV are best enjoyed in servings up to 13 oz. And beers already served in 20 oz. glasses are already up-sized! But don’t worry: as a member of VBC’s Full-Time Friends Social Club, you’ll get 10% off any high gravity pints and OG 20 oz. servings EVERY day!

We have 16 taps and most of our beers are under 8% ABV, so you’ll have plenty of options for the bump to 20 oz. pours EVERY day!  

Can I buy an additional Full-Time Friends glass? 

Yes (while supplies last)! Additional Full-Time Friends glassware will be available for purchase after every Social Club member gets at least one glass.

When will I receive all of my slick new FTF swag?

We will get glassware and the 2024 bonus swag item to everyone in early 2024 (typically Q1), once membership closes and we verify everyone’s particulars.

What other FTF merch/events will be offered?

In addition to exclusive glassware and a bonus swag item, we will be designing additional types of apparel (hats, t-shirts, etc.) throughout the year that will only be made available for Full-Time Friends to purchase! We also plan to bring back additional marquee events in 2024, featuring a la carte Social Club experiences. Plus there will be at least one FTF Exclusive Can Release in 2024!

How will I be alerted to 2024 Social Club news/notes/events? 

We will be in touch through a number of mediums – in the Taproom, in an FTF-only Facebook group, and via email – with personal updates and details on upcoming exclusive FTF updates and early releases throughout the year!

A confirmation email will be asked for when you purchase your 2024 membership. Email will be the primary method of communication for FTF updates throughout the year.

How do I unlock my benefits when I get to the brewery? 

When the year starts, simply come in and say “Hi!” to the team; then let them know which benefit you’re interested in utilizing (e.g., up-size pint, discount on to-go beer, new brew sneak peak)! As we get to know you even better, you won’t have any problems receiving each and every one of the FTF member benefits.

But don’t be shy about asking for them – we want to get to know our Full-Time Friends even better! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a grand entrance and bragging about your Social Club status in front of your friends.

Can I buy membership as a gift?

Yes! Simply reply to your confirmation email and let us know this is a gift purchase. Or mention the gift purchase when ordering in the Taproom. We will also reply to every confirmation email to verify membership details. And we won’t plan to reach out to Full-Time Friends until 12/31, so you’ll have time to give the gift that keeps on giving.

Then get ready to be thanked. A lot. 

Is FTF refundable and/or transferable?

Once membership is purchased, it is yours and yours alone for the (amazing) year ahead.

In certain circumstances out of the control of the FTF in question, please alert the Taproom team and we’ll do our best to ensure that FTF benefits can be enjoyed by the most appropriate party.

Can you mail my FTF swag to me if I don’t live locally?

Absolutely! If you have concerns about not making it in to grab your goods, just let us know and we’ll be in touch with shipping options.

How does membership renewal work?

The annual renewal period will begin annually on Black Friday and will continue through year-end, or until memberships are sold out. Current members will receive a heads up about renewals before announcements go live to the general public after Thanksgiving. Current members are also eligible for a “thank you” renewal discount!

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Hit us up in the Taproom, or send any questions to:

[email protected]

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