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VBC In The Recording Studio [Podcast/Video Archive]

We love to talk all things beers & cheers! This is a running list of all of our live recordings…podcasts, YouTube videos, music videos & more. Crack a properly chilled one, sit back, and listen to the dulcet tones of all #VBCOnTheMic:

Avalon Center:

Responding With Hope – Oasis of Hope

June 2023: Robby Willey, Founder of Virginia Beer Company, and Leslie Jingluski discuss the relationship between VBC and Avalon Center when it comes to domestic and sexual violence.

Get Hoptimized Podcast:

Tales from A Rebranding Experience with Virginia Beer Co.

June 2023: We’ve got a story for you. It starts with a couple of buddies who met in college, graduated, and then decided to start a brewery together. Since then, they have grown the brewery to be quite a staple in their community.

In fact, their beer is served around the world, including in Virginia. New York, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and even New Zealand. So what started out as just a couple of buddies in college has grown into something quite amazing. We’re talking about the Virginia Beer Co and were joined by founders Chris Smith and Robby Willey on the latest Get Hoptimized Podcast.

We could have them on just because they’ve grown a successful brewery, but they’ve recently gone through a rebranding which we thought was especially fascinating. So, dive into this episode to hear about why they decided to update the brand and what their experience was like along the way.

Craft Beer Professionals:

Beer – People – Purpose: The Evolution of the Virginia Beer Company

April 2023: Based in Williamsburg, the Virginia Beer Company was started by two William and Mary alumni who wanted to create a force for good in the form of a brewery. Their company slogan is ‘Beer – People – Purpose’ and they actively work with dozens of nonprofits and support charities that are close to their team and communities. They recently finished a rebrand that was over a year in the making, and includes the addition of a new flagship beer. The rebrand comes not too long after officially expanding distribution to touch every part of the state of Virginia. They truly want to be known as Virginia’s craft brewery. In this session, we will be joined by co-founders Chris Smith and Robby Wiley to discuss their evolution, need for constant innovation, and future.

August 2022: In this episode of Retail Is Podcast, we got to sit down with Robert Willey and Chris Smith from Virginia Beer Company. What started out as a shared love of craft beer in college is now an extremely successful brewery in Williamsburg! Tune in to hear all about how their business began, how they brew their beer, and what goes into the decision-making of their various flavors!

Wish You Were Beer Show:

Dortmunder? I Hardly Know Her! from The Virginia Beer Company & Wish You Were Beer Show

July 2022: Dortmunder? I Hardly Know Her! from The Virginia Beer Company & Wish You Were Beer Show Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequence of our own actions . . . and she is delicious!!!! So, we did a thing with the Virginia Beer Company and we want all our friends to try it! We hope you will join us this Thursday while we beat our own drum and brag about our first collab beer: Dortmunder? I hardly know her! If you are in VA, stop by VBC and get yours. As always, bringing your own beer is always encouraged! Either way, come and meet this amazing and barely known beer style, and have a drink with us while we celebrate WYWBS’s first born!! Consider this our baby shower, but boozy!

January 2022: We sat down with Michael Rhodes the Director of Sales at The Virginia Beer Company to talk about their most unique release yet…a pickle beer called “We Can Pickle That!” This is a clip cut out from our Live show from November 18, 2021.

Good Shot Judy:

“Quite Alright” VBC Collab

January 2022: Promo video for the 2021 release of the Virginia Beer Company and Good Shot Judy’s second collaboration beer, “Quite Alright”.

July 2021: Robby Willey the co-owner of The Virginia Beer Co joins the show! We were so thrilled to have Robby come on the show to tell us about The Virginia Beer Co and how it got started. We drank a Free Verse with him and heard some incredible stories.

June 2021: Avalon Center is proud to partner with The Virginia Beer Company for Paint & Sip! Stay tuned for information! You can get registered now at! #paintsip #werespond

June 2021: Chris Smith is the Co-Founder at The Virginia Beer Company, which he started with Robby, who he met at the College of William & Mary. Their time together at university in Williamsburg – along with a shared passions for philanthropy, adventure, and (of course) craft beer – led to a decade-long journey to start a business together in a community they cherished and a field they loved. Chris joined us to talk about how they brew their beer, how they give back to their community and how they designed their unique logo.

BAOS Beer & Other Shhh Podcast:

Episode #73 – Quarantine Edition | Magic Elixir with Chris Smith & Robby Willey of Virginia Beer Co. | Adjunct Series

June 2021: It’s been quite the run for the live Quarantine Edition of our ongoing Adjunct Series, and tonight, we wrapped it up with a bang. Longtime followers would know that our trip to Virginia in 2019 was a memorable one, where we travelled for a week from the northern part of the state all the way down to Virginia Beach, and we truly loved our experience. One thing we’ve been missing during the pandemic is those fire Virginia beers, so we were stoked to hang out with the boys behind Virginia Beer Co.

Based in Williamsburg, VA, Robby Willey and Chris Smith opened Virginia Beer Co. back in March of 2016, and they recently celebrated their 5th anniversary. This episode was special for a few reasons – not only was it the wrap-up for the Quarantine Edition, but at midnight it was Chris’s birthday, and the Montreal Canadiens won their series against Las Vegas to enter the NHL finals for the Stanley Cup in the middle of the episode, so there were a lot of fireworks, chanting and honking. The fellas chatted about their beginnings in craft beer, the trials and tribulations of finding their location, their approach to the beers they brew, Chris’s brother’s illustrious NHL career, Team Money vs Team Funny, and a ton more. We crushed four spectacular brews – Provisional Kölsch, Liquid Escape (tart ale with Australian sea salt and lemongrass), Deadbolt DIPA and a wild Brett farmhouse ale, Cellar Circus (Blend No. 006). Cheers!

The True Craft Podcast:

S2E8 – The Rebirth Of Draught With Virginia Beer Co

June 2021: Today’s episode is all about draught. Jen sits this one out as MacLeod is currently focused on taproom sales, so Chris starts this episode off with a talk about decision making. Then we bring in our guest for the episode, Chris Smith, co-founder of The Virginia Beer Company out of Williamsburg, Virginia. We talk about Virginia Beer Co’s packing split pre and post covid, cooperage arrangements, and the comeback of draught and distributor orders.

Exploring My Hometown:

Episode Two – Virginia Beer Company

April 2021: Exploring My Hometown will be all about finding the hidden gems within my hometown and visiting my favorite places before moving off to Ohio! Episode Two is a review of Virginia Beer Company during their 5th Anniversary Party in Williamsburg, VA!

April 2021: Daniel and Tiffany visit Virginia Beer Co. to test out some of their newly released beers!

September 2020: Join fellow William & Mary alumni, family, parents, and friends for a virtual beer tasting with Chris Smith ’07 and Robby Willey ’05. The W&M alumni co-founders of The Virginia Beer Company will discuss how they have lived their mission of “Beer – People – Purpose” throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Find Virginia Beer Company Beers throughout the world, including Richmond, Williamsburg, Peninsula, South Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia, and New York City through the Virginia Beer Company website.

June 2020: With hosts John Ross Cocozza, Mo Youssef, Todd Sullivan with Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen. Today’s special guest is Robby Willey co-founder of Virginia Beer Co.

May 2020: We caught up with Robby Willey of Virginia Beer Co. to talk about Virginia Beer, their line-up, and his time in Japan at the American Craft Beer Experience in Tokyo, 2019.

Cellar Sessions:

Episode 5 – Beers and Cheers with Robby Willey & Chris Smith

May 2019: Episode 5 of our “Cellar Sessions” podcast features one of Williamsburg’s most exciting, collaborative and philanthropic businesses, the Virginia Beer Company. Host Michael Kimball is joined by VBC Co-founders Robby Willey and Chris Smith to discuss the evolution of the Williamsburg experience, the risk/reward nature of entrepreneurship and the impact the craft beer industry has had on wineries. Tune in for more each week of Cellar Sessions!

Good Shot Judy:

“Bourbon Barrel Parade” VBC Collab

February 2019: Promo video for the 2018 release of the Virginia Beer Company and Good Shot Judy’s collaboration beer, “Bourbon Barrel Parade”

I Love American Beer:

The Virginia Beer Company Full Interview

July 2018: Watch this video and then head to Williamsburg, VA to enjoy and delicious beverage from The Virginia Beer Company. Cheers!

William & Mary:

Hark Upon The Ale

October 2017: Robby Willey ’05 discusses establishing the Virginia Beer Company with co-founder, Chris Smith ’07. Learn more about breweries owned by William & Mary alumni:

Raymond A. Mason School of Business:

Leadership & Business Podcast – The Craft Brewery Business

August 2016: Craft Breweries have grown dramatically in the last few years—over 12% of all beer purchases in the U.S. is now produced and sold by local craft breweries. Chris Smith is the co-owner of The Virginia Beer Company, a craft brewery in Williamsburg, Virginia. He joins us on this episode to discuss the challenges of the craft brewing industry and what the future holds for the beer industry in the U.S.

Look Like A Local:

Travelers Not Tourists – Episodes 074 & 075 – Travel to Williamsburg, Virginia

August 2015: Travel to Williamsburg Virginia with Robby and Chris of the Virginia Beer Company. We discuss the challanges of eating a 30 inch pizza, the great art museums of Williamsburg, and why craft brewmasters don’t try to push each other out of business. A great interview with a couple of great guys from Williamsburg Virginia.

In this episode the Chris Smith and Robby Willey of the Virginia Beer Company take us around Williamsburg. They show us some of the great festivals that Williamsburg has to offer and some of the many Christmas traditions that this destination has to offer. We also discuss the friendly rivalry between William & Mary and UVA.