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Long Weekend Ahoy! Food Trucks. Live Music. New Beers. Bonus Hours.


The below post is from Q4 2020. Please click here for our current COVID-19 policies!

Happy/Hoppy Monday! We know everyone’s heard about the Governor’s new mandates, so we just wanted to provide some clarity for our visitors as the holidays approach.

We already enforce mask wearing anytime anyone is moving about the brewery. Please continue to mask up when not at your table!

We are already operating at 50% capacity, and our tables and seating are separated by at least six feet.

Our staff already wear PPE at all times, and we already rigorously sanitize all of our public areas repeatedly throughout each day.

We close at 9 pm on weekdays and at 9:30 pm on weekends, and those hours will remain the same for now. We will do our best to announce last call so that no one is caught off guard by the new 10 pm “glasses empty” rule issued by the Governor!

More can releases, online ordering, and local delivery on Tuesday & Friday will continue to be offered for those not ready to join us for a round.

We’ve worked really hard to maintain safe spaces that allow for responsible, socially distant beers & cheers. Our   pits will be roaring throughout the holidays, and we’re working to source additional permanent   pits and additional lighting for our extended outdoor spaces.

We’re excited to continue teaming up with our food truck partners, who are again parking back up front in the beer garden. Enjoy plates here or ask for them to-go, starting on Monday’s with FoodaTude..Food with Attitude and Tuesday’s with Don Chido!

More information and best practices can always be found on our website or by inquiring with our team — all of whom have been with us this entire time thanks in large part to your support.

Stay safe, be excellent to each other, and cheers from Second Street!