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We know that we’re just a brewery, but we also know that a lot of our friends are hurting right now. In a time of uncertainty one thing is certain: more than ever before, we need to be excellent to each other.

We try to be positive members of the community in which we live, brew, and play. And we will continue to do everything we can to promote beers for all and cheers for all. While it might not feel like the time for either of those things, we will double down on doing all we can to encourage openness and acceptance in our community.

To all of our friends who are hurting — we stand with you. And we will be ready to lift a round with you all whenever the time is right.

#beexcellenttoeachother #blacklivesmatter #beerpeoplepurpose #blackouttuesday

#beexcellenttoeachother #blacklivesmatter #beerpeoplepurpose #blackouttuesday